Four great teams facing off this weekend, who out of them will get to go to the Super Bowl?


After two exciting weekends of playoff football, we’ve now found ourselves with only 4 teams remaining: the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

These are all teams with incredible talent, who’ve had to fight through all of the challenges of an unprecedented NFL year…

The 6 advancers from the Wild Card Round will meet the 2 top seeds for a weekend of Divisional Round football. How will the results stack up?


We just wrapped up a wild set of games for Wild Card Weekend, a lot of great football and games that came down to the wire.

Now, the 6 teams that advanced from the Wild Card Round have joined the 2 teams who had first-round byes, the Green Bay Packers…

2020 was an odd year. Here’s what it taught me about writing, productivity, and myself.


2020 was an unconventional year for all of us. The coronavirus forced us to change our lives in many ways — how we work, how we pass the time, how we hang out with friends and family.

There were differences both externally and internally, and everyone was affected differently.


A few weeks ago, I didn’t believe the coronavirus was a threat. Now, I’ve been proven very, very wrong.


I’ll be honest and say that, a few weeks ago, I didn’t believe the coronavirus was a real threat.

At that point, there were only a few cases in the US, mostly confined to Washington state, and the rest of the countries with cases seemed to have them under control.

Jonah Woolley

Angry opinions from an angry writer on an inconsistent basis.

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