Four great teams facing off this weekend, who out of them will get to go to the Super Bowl?

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After two exciting weekends of playoff football, we’ve now found ourselves with only 4 teams remaining: the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

These are all teams with incredible talent, who’ve had to fight through all of the challenges of an unprecedented NFL year to get to this point. Now, they will square off this Sunday in the conference championships in the hopes of punching their ticket to Super Bowl LV.

Nothing is easy and nothing is predictable, but what can we expect this weekend? Here are my predictions.

Buccaneers vs. Packers

The 6 advancers from the Wild Card Round will meet the 2 top seeds for a weekend of Divisional Round football. How will the results stack up?

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We just wrapped up a wild set of games for Wild Card Weekend, a lot of great football and games that came down to the wire.

Now, the 6 teams that advanced from the Wild Card Round have joined the 2 teams who had first-round byes, the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs, for the Divisional Round this weekend. These games are set to be just as intense as those before, and will determine who gets a spot in next week’s conference championships.

So what can we expect? …

The story of the content creator who went to unthinkable ends to put himself out there.

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I’m not afraid to admit it: I watch porn. Statistically, you do as well — according to Psychology Today, 85% of people have watched porn in the last 6 months.

Being a porn viewer, you tend to find a lot of trends when it comes to porn sites. There are the over-the-top titles, the cliche fetishes, and most notably, the ads. No matter what site it is, porn sites always seem to have the same kinds of ads.

There are ads for erectile dysfunction, BS hookup sites, and weird sex games, always very in-your-face with promises that are too good…

2020 was an odd year. Here’s what it taught me about writing, productivity, and myself.

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2020 was an unconventional year for all of us. The coronavirus forced us to change our lives in many ways — how we work, how we pass the time, how we hang out with friends and family.

There were differences both externally and internally, and everyone was affected differently.

For me, 2020 absolutely destroyed my productivity. Before last year, I thought that my ideal life was one where all I had was free time. After all, if I have 100% of my time under my control, then I can do what I want, right? …

We’re geared up for a great weekend of football, but how will the games end up?

Source: Behind the Steel Curtain

The weekend, football fans all across America will get a special treat in the form of the NFL’s first ever Super Wild Card weekend. 6 football games, 3 Saturday and 3 Sunday, with divisional leaders squaring off against wild card teams for a chance to advance to the divisional round.

There are some incredible matchups set, but how are they going to play out? Here are my predictions for the results of the upcoming games.

Colts vs. Bills

With the dangers of Trumpism laid bare, his ideology is now impossible for anyone to defend.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

The afternoon of January 6th, 2020 was set to be momentous from the jump. It was the day Congress was set to formally certify Joe Biden as the President of the United States, the final step in the long process from ballot box to inauguration. That also meant it was the last place for Trump to hold the line.

Starting months before the election, our President made baseless claims about mass voter fraud all around the country, stating that the entire election process was corrupt and lacked transparency.

As election day came, experts assured us the election was secure, and…

A win without a mandate may prove worse than no win at all.

Image courtesy of the author

It’s safe to say that election night 2020 did not go as planned for Democrats.

They came into the night expecting to see a massive blue wave — a sweep where they took the presidency and both houses of Congress, giving them a mandate and the ability to pass their agenda for the next 2 years.

However, as we settled in to see the results, said blue wave did not materialize. They lost seats in the House, flopped in local and state elections across the country, and came up short in many key Senate races.

There was some hope, however…

A call for reformed activism

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Dear Police Brutality Protestors,

Well, our country has certainly fallen apart in the last few weeks, hasn’t it?

In early May, I can confidently say I had never heard the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or Ahmad Arbory, or if I had, it was in passing. At that point, everyone was still stuck in a quarantine mood, being unproductive and posting about filler activities and memes online.

Then, in a sudden flurry, news of police brutality began surging on the internet. Article after article showed up on my homepages, posts on my Instagram feed, emails, the works. …

But you don’t have to be.

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Over the last few weeks, COVID-19 has caused a mass panic in the United States.

Despite constant warnings from the CDC that, while the virus is dangerous, we shouldn’t panic, we have. Supermarkets have been raided for food and toilet paper, the economy is in a freefall as business is at a standstill, and most people have become afraid to leave their houses.

Most of this is understandable. The coronavirus has become a real threat in recent weeks, infecting hundreds of thousands of Americans and killing thousands. …

A few weeks ago, I didn’t believe the coronavirus was a threat. Now, I’ve been proven very, very wrong.

Source: Military Health System

I’ll be honest and say that, a few weeks ago, I didn’t believe the coronavirus was a real threat.

At that point, there were only a few cases in the US, mostly confined to Washington state, and the rest of the countries with cases seemed to have them under control.

While medical professionals were urging caution, saying that even if it wasn’t super deadly, it was still dangerous, as it could create problems for the elderly and immunocompromised, and it was able to spread abnormally quickly, I ignored that.

It seemed like the panic surrounding it was a huge overreaction…

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